3 Tips To Reduce Stress While Planning A Funeral

When you lose a loved one, you are in no position to plan a funeral, but you must, and this can put extra stress on you when you least need it. There are some things you can do, even while planning the funeral, to help ease the burden. Check out these three tips to help reduce stress while you are planning your loved one's funeral.

Do Pre-planning

Before your loved one passes, do some pre-planning. It can be difficult to discuss death, but doing so will give you time to make the big decisions with your loved one, so you don't have to plan while mourning. While nothing is stopping you from planning small details like flowers, songs, etc. However, you should focus more on the big decisions, such as cremation or burial, where they want to be buried and whether they want their ashes spread or kept. This way, you know you are honoring their wishes, and you don't have to struggle to guess what they may have wanted after they pass.

Consider More Affordable Options

One of the biggest stressors of planning a funeral is the cost. You want to give your loved one the best funeral possible, but that costs money. This is why it's important to slow down a little and take a step back, so you aren't making snap decision. One of the biggest ways you can save is by cremating them instead of burying them, but if they are strongly against that, there are other ways to save. You can find a similar casket for less money, or find a seller who offers the same coffin for less. You can also choose not to have your loved one embalmed, which saves money, but shortens your planning time because they'll need to be buried soon.

Get Help When You Need It

Lastly, ask for help when you need it. No one wants to see you do this alone, so give other minor tasks, such as flowers. Of course, one of the best ways you can ask for help is by relying on the funeral home to help. While some services may cost extra money, they can handle all of the planning for you, so you only have to make decisions, and if you already pre-planned, most of the decisions should be made. Keep in mind, you don't have to choose every service they offer, such as buying the coffin from them or having them host the funeral.

If you have an elderly loved one or someone who has just passed, don't let their funeral cause you additional stress, so you can't process your own grief. One of the best ways is to ask for help. Get started today by contacting a local funeral home and see what services they offer.

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